CLOUDS (rental)

CLOUDS (rental)

A generation of artists and hackers have emerged on the internet using open source technologies for experiments in art and design.

CLOUDS is an interactive documentary and a portrait of this community, explored through the lens of code. The project asks questions about the future of creativity at a time when algorithms play an important role in culture.

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Mac OS X 10.9+ / Windows 8+
Intel HD Graphics 4200 or faster
4 Gigs of RAM more
Optional to view in Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift on PC

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People featured in the film include artists, designers and hackers who participate in the co-creation of free tools for creative expression: Processing and openFrameworks. Reflecting the story of these online communities, the software behind CLOUDS was built in C++ using openFrameworks, and includes real-time interactive visualizations by the artists.

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CLOUDS (rental)

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